Peter Sorowka

Peter Sorowka

CEO, Cybus GmbH

Abstract: Are you sure you have laid the foundation for smart manufacturing?
How to challenge the status quo of IT/OT convergence

The current state of Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT)  convergence in automotive manufacturing is a critical issue that remains inadequately  addressed and largely unresolved.

 This keynote addresses the challenge at the heart of automotive innovation: The  convergence of IT and OT. With IT's forward-thinking approach to digital solutions and OT's  cautious stance on operational reliability, bridging the gap isn’t just necessary – it's  existential.

 A nuanced understanding of both IT and OT domains, supported by strategic metrics and  KPIs, can align efforts and unlock unprecedented efficiency in Smart Factories. This  approach also helps reduce downtime and increase profitability. We challenge leaders to  explore whether their foundation is truly at the cutting edge of industrial evolution.

Summary in 3 Key Facts:

  1. Different paradigms between IT and OT slow down innovation
  2. Bridging the gap between IT and OT is existential
  3. Shared metrics and KPIs for IT and OT create synergies

Peter Sorowka is an expert in Industrial IoT and the technical architecture of data-driven industrial production. In 2015, he founded Cybus – the Industrial IoT company specializing in secure and governance-strong IIoT Edge and Smart Factory solutions. As CEO and Co-Founder of Cybus, he has been advising and guiding the industry towards decentralized, secure Smart Factory and data-driven Smart Services for more than seven years.


Cybus enables industrial companies to achieve a seamless, company-wide data flow. Their industrial IoT software solution Connectware is a centralized Factory Data Hub that collects, processes and distributes industrial data. Connectware supports complex and scaling configurations across multiple factory sites and is specifically designed for production-critical operations.

Connectware's standardized data infrastructure provides holistic and highly available connectivity between production, IT and business departments. Connectware integrates production facilities quickly and effortlessly, enabling organizations to leverage data in a unified and manageable way.

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