Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Here you will find an overview
of the most frequently asked questions.


I have already registered for the event but have not received a ticket.
No problem. Simply contact our participant management at +49 89 248815350 or Our colleagues will assist you promptly and efficiently.

What services are included in my ticket?
Your ticket includes participation in the event, covering live presentations, panel discussions, and surveys. Additionally, you will have access to a rich variety of food and beverages during the lunch and coffee breaks. Networking opportunities with other participants and the concluding get-together are also part of the package.
Approximately one week before the event, you will receive access details for our event app. Here, you can connect with fellow participants before, during, and after the event.
Furthermore, participants who attend in person will gain access to recordings of the released presentations a few days after the event.

I have already purchased a ticket but have not yet received an invoice.
Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. If your booking requires an invoice, you will receive it in a timely manner via email before the event.

My access code is not working.
In the booking interface, you can enter your access code in the top-right corner. If the code you are using returns an error message, please contact our participant management team at +49 89 248815350 or for assistance.

I can no longer attend the event. Can I cancel my ticket?
Yes, you can cancel your ticket free of charge up to 14 days before the start of the event. After that, you will be charged the full ticket price. Alternatively, you can easily transfer your ticket to another person from your company. Our participant management team will be happy to assist you.
Please provide us with the information for which booking number the participant data should be changed by contacting us at +49 89 248815350 or

I have a typo in my name, and I don't want it to appear on the name tag. How can I change it afterwards?
No problem. Just send us an email with the requested changes and your ticket number to, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Have I already booked a ticket? / Is Person XY from our company registered?
Please send us the information to alongside the email address under which a (potential) booking was made. We kindly ask for your understanding that locating the booking is only possible with the booking number or the email address provided during the booking process.


Where does the event take place?
Süddeutscher Verlag GmbH, Hultschiner Straße 8, DE 81677 Munich
Further information on directions can be found at

What are the parking options on-site?
If arriving by car, drive into the underground parking garage and ring the bell at the barrier. Our reception will respond and ask you to use an available parking space in the U2 or U3 underground garage. From there, you can reach the ground floor via the elevator or stairs.
After the event, you can exit the parking garage the same way. Ring the bell at the barrier, and it will be opened for you.
Parking is free of charge for you.

Are there hotel recommendations near the venue?
The following hotels are in close proximity to the venue:

  • Hampton by Hilton Munich City Center East, Hermann-Weinhauser-Straße 71, 81673 Munich, Tel. 089 43777750
  • Hyperion Hotel München, Truderinger Str. 13, 81677 Munich, Tel. 089 4110900
  • Scandic Hotel, Berg-am-Laim-Str. 109, 81673 Munich, Tel. 89 9254950

Are food and drinks provided at the event?
We always ensure your culinary satisfaction at our events. This includes coffee and small snacks upon arrival, hot and cold meals during the lunch break, coffee breaks with sweet or savory snacks, and our traditional get-together. There is always something to suit your taste. All beverages and meals are, of course, complimentary for participants!

Is consideration given to alternative dietary preferences for food and drinks?
We provide options for vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free alternatives. We take care to include options for these dietary preferences, and all food items are labelled if they fall into one of the mentioned categories.


Why is our logo not on the website?
Have you already provided your logo to our colleague Andrea Pacoli? If so, it should be online shortly. For all questions regarding your partner package and the included services, Andrea Pacoli is available at

Do booth staff need to register?
Yes, all participating individuals need to be registered. The links for your complimentary tickets included in the partner package, as well as for additional discounted tickets, will be provided directly by the participant management: Tanja Burmeister,

I would like to invite my clients to the event.
We would be delighted if you promoted and invited your clients to the event. For this purpose, we will provide you with corresponding banner formats for your social media presence.

Are there discounted tickets for this?
The complimentary and discounted tickets included in your partner package can also be used for inviting your clients.

When is setup and teardown?
The setup of the entire exhibition is limited to a few hours and takes place in the afternoon on the day before the event. Detailed information about the procedure and on-site access will be provided shortly before the event by our colleague Andrea Pacoli,

Do I, as a partner, have access to all services (presentations, catering, get-together)?
Yes, all participants, including partners, have access to presentations, breakout sessions, networking breaks, and the get-together. Catering is, of course, complimentary for all our partners!

Will I receive a participant list before the event?
Approximately one week before the event, you will receive access details for our event app. Here, you will find a list of all participants and can connect with them. After the event, partners will receive a list of participant data, provided they have consented to data sharing.