Terms and Conditions

1. Venue

In each case, the venue is disclosed in the current event program.
The items on the agenda are provisional (subject to change).

2. Organizer

verlag moderne industrie GmbH
86895 Landsberg am Lech
Phone: + 49 (0) 8191 125-461
Fax: + 49 (0) 8191 125-100
Email:  info@mi-verlag.de
Web: www.mi-verlag.de

3. Registration/participant terms

Registration for the event must generally arrive in writing and be provided with a legally
valid signature. Incoming online registrations via the Internet and email currently require no electronic signature. The registrations are considered based on their date of receipt. After the receipt of the registration, a confirmation of the registration and an invoice will be sent out. The invoice must be settled before the start of the event. There is no general claim to participation; the organizer reserves the right to allow participation in a particular case.

4. Participation/cancellation

In cases of cancellations that arrive at our offices two weeks or less before the event, or in case of nonappearance, the full participation fee is assessed.
Cancellations before this deadline are assessed an administrative fee. Another participant can be substituted, however. Specific information on the respective cancellation terms for a particular event are noted in the program and on the respective website.
Cancellations must be in writing and are only valid with written confirmation from the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to physically move and/or reschedule, to change, or to cancel on short notice the entire event or individual portions of it. In case of a complete cancellation (exception: force majeure) of the event, the participation fees that have already been paid will be refunded or, as an option, a complimentary ticket (credit voucher) will be issued. Further claims are excluded unless they relate to deliberate or grossly negligent behavior of the organizer’s employees or other vicarious agents.

5. Travel to the venue-overnight stays-accommodations

Travel to the venue and overnight stays must be booked and paid for on one’s own.
Reference can be made to preferential pricing during the timely booking of rooms at the accommodation options (hotels) indicated in the event program. Other details are provided in the event program.

6. Limitations on liability

Insofar as the events take place in the rooms and on the property of third parties, the organizer is not liable with regard to participants in case of accidents and loss of their property or damage to it, unless the damage relates to deliberate or grossly negligent behavior of the organizer’s employees or other vicarious agents.

7. Languages/translations

The lectures are basically held in German. Individual lectures may also be held English without being interpreted. Lectures in other languages are translated into English and/or German. The associated event documentation follows this rule. There is no claim to interpreting/translation.

8. Copyright law

The event-related lectures and documentation are protected by copyright law and may not duplicated, disseminated or used commercially in any form – even as excerpts – without the consent of the organizer and the respective speakers. The approval of the organizer must be obtained in advance for all film and sound recording during the timeframe of the event. Photography is permitted for personal purposes to an appropriate degree while considering the rights of third parties. The organizer undertakes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any inaccuracy in the lectures and documentation.

9. Photo and film recordings

During the event, photos will be taken and film recordings made that will be potentially
made public for the purposes of event coverage and general public relations work in various media. By reserving tickets and visiting the event, the participant agrees that such photography and recordings can be duplicated and published in the media without the consent of the participant.

10. Exhibitions/sponsorships

The terms for exhibitions/sponsorships are governed by the requirements specific to each event.

11. Data privacy

Personal data will be processed and used by the verlag moderne industrie GmbH and
companies of the Süddeutscher Verlag Mediengruppe, service providers, and other selected companies to inform customers about products and services. The public index of processes can be seen on the website.

12. Place of fulfillment/legal venue

These terms and the overall legal relationships of the parties are subject to the laws of the
German Federal Republic without legal recourse to the UN Sales Convention (CISG). Insofar as it is legally permitted, the place of fulfillment and the legal venue are agreed to be Munich.