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Dr.-Ing. Isabell Franck

Co-founder and CEO, IPT-Insight Perspective Technologies GmbH

Isabell Franck holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering. During her doctoral work as well as her studies at the University of California Berkeley (USA), Cambridge University (UK) and Technical University Munich, she delved into the quantification of uncertainties, statistical models and parameter quantification. She is cofounder of IPT, a provider of software and services for the optimization of automated, highly complex industrial production processes. The innovative approach of IPT’s solution portfolio is to enable optimal physical results
 to reduce scrap and reworking, based on limited data through the integration of engineering knowledge. IPT is part of the DE Group, a collection of legally independent companies that see themselves as a digitalization ecosystem for Industry 4.0 (http://www.de-group.net). Franck is also closely associated with universities, for example, teaching statistics for engineers as an adjunct professor at the University of the Bundeswehr. She previously acquired experience at BMW, Siemens and medium-sized companies.
Breakout session title: “Learning with Human Beings and Machines – a Systematic Coupling of Engineering Knowledge and Machine Intelligence to Optimize Production.”

Agenda 2018, Second Day
There will be a totel three breakout sessions in...
Agenda 2018, Second Day
Dr.-Ing. Isabell Franck, Mitgründerin und Geschäftsführerin IPT-Insight...

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