Data Privacy

This is how we deal with your data

What data of yours we store, as well as how it is stored and how it is used.

Dear reader:

What is your situation in regard to data protection when you take advantage of an offer made by the company verlag moderne industrie?

In the following we will provide you with an overview of what data of yours we – the verlag moderne industrie GmbH – store, as well as how we store it and how we use it. You can download and store our Data Protection Statement and our General Terms and Conditions of Business here.

1. Our promise to you about how we will deal with your data

We only collect, process, store and use personal data if this is necessary for the rendering of a service or the provision of an offer. In order to protect your data, we naturally comply with all statutory rules concerning technology and organization in dealing with this data; however, above all in regard to the protected limited access storage of your personal data.  

We are only entitled to link your personal data with other data, to archive it and to share it with third parties if you give us permission to do so. Your permission is provided either in writing or through actively clicking on the corresponding declaration. Your declaration can be seen online – at the address at which the data was entered, or in your personal account. We only can or must provide your personal data without your consent in the following cases:

•    If we are required to do so by statute, for example in the case of an enforceable official or judicial order.
•    When we must promptly commission other businesses to fulfill orders or provide services that you have requested – for example, in the taking of orders, in matters of customer service or in the shipping of goods. We only do this if the data is truly necessary to carry out the order you have placed with us. The businesses are only authorized to use such data for each individual order.
•    If our offers or services have been misused, primarily through a violation of the General Terms and Conditions of Business or the Conditions of Use and we are seeking to prohibit this in a statutorily permissible fashion.

We ensure you that your data will be dealt with in a manner that applies with applicable data protection statutes and provisions. We guarantee that your data will remain confidential. All statutorily necessary technical and organizational measures for compliance with data protection have been undertaken. We will never sell or rent personal data to third parties. We accord the protection of your private affairs the highest level of significance.

2. Usage data through which you can be personally identified

The organisation of log-ins takes place by means of  XING events. Click here to see the General Terms and Conditions of Business of XING Events.

3. Configuration and general usage data that does not allow you to be personally identified

Technical term: automatically collected usage data


•    browser-related configurations that you can choose – e.g. the number of notifications shown in the department categories on our start page, without the necessity of setting up an account or logging into our page
•    general statistics regarding use of our offers
•    advertising preferences that have been adjusted in order to take into account your interests

How do you receive data?
•    For this purpose we introduce cookies into your browser, always without any connection to your personal account, even if you have just logged on to our site. This does not make possible any direct conclusions based on your name or your person.  We never store personal data such as your name, address, or postal address for this purpose. Cookies enable us to store configurations that you encounter on our page. They also enable us to analyze general patterns of use. If you erase cookies, only allow them upon request or deactivate them, then we are unable to fully use many of our services. Places where you can find instructions on the use of cookies include Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari.
•    On the other hand we use so-called tracking pixels that mark our pages, to help us keep track of each time our page is loaded, for example, as well as how often it is called up and clicked on, also without intrusion into and drawing conclusions from your computer.

What do we use this data for? In addition to the personal configurations that we make possible for you, cookies and tracking pixels enable us to more effectively analyze our offers and also to provide you with advertising that corresponds to your interests. Put forth in detail this is how we evaluate the data:

•    Use analysis of our page: we use technology customary to the industry, in order to further develop our page based on the manner in which you click on it on your computer. We first employ Google Analytics and etracker – these services allow us to see the extent to which categories and texts on our site are read or how use of our navigation tools appear to you. In the case of almost all of these processes you have the opportunity to reject the option of data assessment. Below we will provide you with more information in this regard and concerning our individual services.
•    Usage-based Online Advertising (OBA): In order to customize advertising to your interests, our advertising partners also use cookies – not just on our page, but also on others.  It is not your personal usage that is evaluated, but rather the usage history of your Internet browser (including sites visited, times visited, duration thereof). In this manner you are able to receive not just merely general advertising, but rather customized ads based on the web usage of your computer, presented on our page through our advertising partners IQ digital, Google AdSense, Aumago, CaptchaAd and Plista – more will be provided below concerning these services. Additional information on Usage-based Online Advertising can be found at: If you want to deactive this service, go to:

Below you will find further details concerning the individual services, as well as the opportunity to terminate data usage on the part of each of these services.

4. Details on individual services

Here we will seek to give you a detailed overview, as to what services we use and what you should know about these collaborations in terms of data protection.

Social Media

•    YOUTUBE: This website contains at least one YouTube plug-in, YouTube, belonging to Google Inc., with its headquarters in San Bruno, California, USA. As soon as you visit pages incorporating this YouTube plug-in, after taking up contact with us on the Internet, a connection to YouTube’s servers is established. The YouTube server is notified as to what special pages of our Internet offerings have been visited by you. If you happen to also be logged in to your YouTube account, YouTube will enable you to allocate your surfing activities directly to your personal profile. You can prevent the possibility of such an allocation if you first log out of your account. Additional information concerning the collection and use of your data by YouTube can be found in the guidelines concerning data protection there at

Usage analysis of our page

•    Google Analytics: We have commissioned Google with the analysis of the general usage of our page. Google stores cookies on your computer for this purpose. Your IP address, which is used to identify your computer, is shortened thereby and thus made anonymous. This takes place on servers within the EU or the European Economic Area, before transmission to Google takes place. It is only in exceptional cases, e.g. in the case of technical problems, that under some circumstances your IP address will be transmitted directly to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. It will never be combined with other data of Google and no personal profile can be created without authorization. We use the service in order to optimize our own advertising campaigns. If you wish to prevent this data analysis, you can download and install the browser plug-in that prevents the future collection and storage of your data in the Google display configuration. This plug-in deactivates advertising and generally deactivates the storage of cookies in your browser.
•    Google Remarketing: This website uses the remarketing function of Google Inc. ("Google"). The purpose of this function is to present advertisements of interest in the context of the Google advertising network. The browser of the visitor to the website stores so-called “cookies,” text data that is also stored on your computer and that makes it possible to recognize returning visitors, when they call up those websites that  belong to the advertising network of Google. On such pages the visitor can be presented advertisements that are related to content that has already been called up on websites using the remarketing function of Google. Google has itself stated that this procedure is not used to collect any personal data. If you nonetheless do not wish to employ the function Remarketing von Google, then you can deactivate it by undertaking the corresponding configurations put forth at In the alternative you can deactivate the use of cookies for advertising related to your interests by means of the advertising network initiative, by following the instructions therefor, which are to be found at Additional information about Google Remarketing and Google’s Data Protection Declaration are available at:                           
•    Facebook Remarketing/Retargeting: The remarketing tags of the social network Facebook are integrated into our pages (1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA). This function serves the purpose of allowing visitors to this website to present interest-based advertisements (“Facebook ads“) in the context of a visit to the social network Facebook. If you visit our pages these remarketing tags will automatically create a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. This enables Facebook to allocate the visit to our pages to your user account by means of your IP address. The information thus received about the pages visited by you can be used by us to display Facebook ads on Facebook. We wish to here give notice that as providers of the pages we are unaware of the entire content of the data transmitted to Facebook, as well as the manner in which it is used by Facebook. Additional information on this matter can be found in the Data Protection Declaration of Facebook at If you do not wish to take advantage of data collection by means of Custom Audiences, then you can deactivate this service at
•    Outbrain: This website uses the technology of  Outbrain Inc. ("Outbrain," 39 W. 13th Street, New York, NY 10011 USA). This website makes it possible to address ads on the websites of our partners to any Internet user who has already shown an interest in our offers and/or to collect data in this respect. These ads only appear on Outbrain ad spots either on the advertising spaces of Outbrain Engage or those of Outbrain Extended Network. If you do not wish to receive this interest-related advertising, you can deactivate the function here.
•    Webextend Tracking Cookies/Pixels: We use the cookies/tracking pixels of  Webextend [emarsys] in order to prepare newsletters and advertising that are customised to your interests. To this purpose we use available information, such as receipt and reading confirmations of emails, information about your computer and its connection to the Internet, your operating system and platform, your web surfing history, the date and time of your visit to our homepage and products/articles that you have viewed. We only use this information in anonymized form. If you do not wish to receive any customized advertising, you can terminate this service at any time. A notification thereof in text form, followed by your full contact information, is sufficient. In the alternative you can use the deactivation link at the end of each newsletter.

Usage-based advertising (OBA)

On the page you can deactivate any usage-based advertising with the help of an anti-ad cookie.
•    Google AdSense: With the help of so-called AdSense technology, Google places ads on our pages that can be customized to the interests you show when using the Internet. Google uses DoubleClick Dart Cookies, which enable them to obtain information concerning your visit to our page and other pages in the network. The information, including your IP address, is then finally transmitted to Google servers in the USA and stored there. Google may share this information with other sources or businesses if it views itself as statutorily obligated to do so, or if a business processes data on Google’s behalf. Google has agreed not to combine your IP address with other data of the group. Moreover,  Google participates in the Safe Harbour Programme of the EU and USA – in this context your name, your address, your email address, or your telephone number are not to be transmitted. If you do not wish to make use of DoubleClick Cookies, you can deactivate them on this page by activating the Opt Out cookie of DoubleClick.
•    AdRoll: This retargeting service introduces a cookie, in order to better understand your interests. AdRoll helps us to display ads on your website that are of interest to you. No personal data is stored thereby. You can stop the service here.
•    Aumago: This website works together with Aumago GmbH ("Aumago"), Berlin, a target group marketer. Aumago uses so-called cookies, text data that is stored in the browser of your computer and that collects/receives anonymous usage data for the purpose of customized online advertising (Online Behaviourial Targeting “OBA”), as e.g. the type of website visited, the categories visited, and/or product data, demographical data (age, sex, etc.), and/or information concerning the browser you used and the final device this took place on. No personal information is collected. The usage data therefor cannot be associated with the real identity of the user. The cookies used are either Aumago cookies or cookies from service providers for which Aumago works. The user can at any time either directly erase the cookies in the browser or manage his/her cookie preferences at On the basis of this anonymous analysis Aumago segments the surfing behaviour of the user, using the information in the cookies, into branches, e.g. Browser “1” receives the cookie “Branch A” on the website “X” and makes possible targeted online advertising on the basis of the interests that are assumed thereby. Aumago uses this anonymous, non-personal information on behalf of to market it in the context of targeted online advertising.
•    CaptchaAd (
•    etracker: On this website the technologies of etracker GmbH ( are used to collect and store data for the purpose of marketing and optimization. This data allows anonymous usage profiles to be created. Cookies may be used for these purposes. Cookies are small text data that are stored locally in the cache of the Internet browser of the visitor to a page. The cookies make possible the recognition of the Internet browser upon return visits. The data collected through the etracker technologies will not be used without the separately granted permission of the party affected to identify the user of this website personally and will not be combined with personal data through the bearer of the pseudonym. Data collection and storage can be stopped at any time for future instances thereof at

If you have questions regarding the Data Protection Declaration, please write us at:

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