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On the Road to

Autonomous Production

  • Increase profits | We show you how you can increase profits in the future with smart production strategies.
  • Give yourself an edge | Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning offer completely new opportunities to make production more efficient.
  • Take the VIP-Tour | Besides admission to automatica on each day of the trade fair, an exclusive VIP-Tour of automatica awaits you before the trade fair begins.

The meeting place for advanced thinkers and visionaries

Experience two of the auto industry’s top events at one venue, with perfectly coordinated timing over two days.  automatica is the leading marketplace for automated production. The AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION Congress is the meeting place for advanced thinkers and visionaries who will present ways of shaping the production of the future with intelligent strategies. This Congress is geared to advanced thinkers and visionaries to the same degree - to managers in the production, supply chain, logistics and IT areas. Your ticket covers your admission to automatica as well as the AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION Congress – two extremely high-level events that you cannot afford to miss.

3 Reasons to Attend on June 18 & 19 2018

Because your profitability will increase

Tomorrow’s profits will continue to be earned on assembly lines – with intelligent production strategies. Learn how to use innovative production systems from our auto industry insiders.

Because AI will give you an edge

AI and machine-learning correlate millions of parameters and thus offer completely new ways of making production more efficient. Leading experts will show you what they are and how you can use them to stay globally competitive.

Because you will learn from our exclusive VIP tour

Even before automatica opens its doors on June 19, 2018, we will take you on an exclusive two-hour VIP tour. And you will receive exciting insights at select exhibitors – it’s something to look forward to. You also get access to automatica on the other days of the trade fair.

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